The objective of my lessons is to allow students to get in touch with Italy from the comfort of their homes.

Why learn Italian?

  • Online Italian lessons, with a qualified native speaking teacher, are a fun way to pass time and may possibly be part of making a dream journey – to Italy, of course! – come true..
  • My lessons on Skype provide valuable support for exam preparation and are useful for those working for Italian companies..

One or more lessons per week with a teacher online can help one achieve the important goal of learning to speak Italian.

Regardless of your reason for studying Italian, I guarantee that my solution will be targeted at your needs.

During the pre-course interview, not only do I assess the student’s level of Italian but also, and more importantly, analyze the reasons for his/her desire to study Italian. This approach is crucial to ensuring lessons of the highest quality as well as to meet the expectations of the student within the given time period. In full accordance with the communicative approach, it is a priority that my students develop communicative skills which will enable them to understand and produce speech as well as to interact in any communicative context. Key aspects of my online courses include attention to the different areas of language (phonics, morphology, vocabulary, and receptive and productive skills), the ability to discern different registers and styles and the geographical and historical variety in the use of the language. Reference to the Italian culture is consistently made: Italian lifestyle, habits and traditions. This means that students will learn authentic Italian. In these courses, special attention is given to intonation along with all of the paralinguistic elements that can modify the meaning of a message (such as pauses, pace and voice pitch).

Several tools I use will help students have fun while learning efficiently.

I use the most prominent and up-to-date course books together with games and innovative activities which cater to learners’ individual needs and learning styles. The lessons are generally held on Skype, which allows users to easily share materials and communicate directly and efficiently. There are alternative softwares which students may choose to use without having to register or create an account. The ones that I currently use are Zoom and The only requirements I have if you wish to begin an online course with me are that you have a PC or Mac and a suitable internet connection.

Club di conversazione lunedì 30 marzo ore 18:00.

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