CELI, CILS and PLIDA Exam Preparation Courses

CELI, CILS and PLIDA Exam Preparation Courses

Exams that certify one’s level of proficiency in Italian as a foreign language are an important goal for some students.
These certificates are basic requirements for obtaining permission to study in Italy.
The most influential institutions which offer internationally recognized certification are:

  • Università per Stranieri di Perugia (CELI exams)
  • Università per Stranieri di Siena (CILS exams)
  • Società Dante Alighieri (PLIDA exams)

There are plenty of exam centers around the world.

Parloitaliano.online offers support lessons for students planning to take proficiency exams.

After verifying that a student is ready to prepare for a certain exam, the teacher will plan out a series of lessons based on specific activities and materials, among which special attention is given to mock written and oral exams.

The number of lessons will vary according to the test level and mock exam results.

  • Lessons are 60 minutes long.

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