Italian speaking courses

Italian speaking courses

Speaking courses are addressed to minimum A2-level students, who are able to interact in different contexts.

the group lessons only involve from 2 to 8 students.

The topics may be chosen according to the students’ interests and are suggested by the teacher, who will select and provide materials to the students in advance, in order for them to be prepared for the lessons.

Such a course can be considered complementary to the standard course, (for students below level B2) or can be chosen separately by advanced students.

At the end of the course, the teacher will privately provide a feedback (via chat or e-mail) to each student, through a handout detailing the student’s strengths and areas to work on, the monitoring of improvements and advices useful for learning.

  • Duration of one class: 90 minutes
  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom. Students can download the program and autonomously create an account or follow the teacher’s instructions few minutes before class.


Lessons 0
1 € 12,00
4 € 40,00

Club di conversazione lunedì 30 marzo ore 18:00.

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